OmniGraffle - How to Import Stencils From Mac to iPad

So I bought OmniGraffle along with Mobile App Visual Flowchart from UX Kits to help me layout apps. My excitement was quickly struck when I could not find a “common sense” way to open stencils from iPad. Downloading the stencils on the iPad only resulted in failure to open, as it was a zip file. I then downloaded it on my mac, and tried using email and dropbox to transfer the stencil file over. Both failed :(

When I tried to open “UX Kits Mobile App Visual Flowchart.gstencil” via Dropbox on my iPad, it won’t let me. It always go inside the directory.

alt text alt text

Even inside the directory, there’s nothing I can open with. The “more” option just lead to nothing.

I was upset and irritated. I just spent $85 on something I can’t use @@ Googling didn’t help too. I finally hacked my way through though.

Here’s what I did:

a) Go to OmniGraffle and download the 14 day trial of OmniGraffle for Mac.

b) Install OmniGraffle, and open it.

c) In the Resource Browser, choose “Add Resources to Library”, and choose the stencil you’d like to add.

Alt text Alt text

d) In the Resource Browser, your stencil should be placed in the Miscellaneous folder (or where ever you saved it). Open it.

alt text

e) Go to File –> New Resource –> New Template

alt text

f) In OmniGraffle, go to Windows (in the top toolbar), and select your stencil

g) Once your stencil is in the foreground, select all (command a if you are using a Mac)

h) Go to windows again, and select the new template

i) In the new template, paste

j) Save the template. In my case, I named it stencilsForiPad. It should have an extension of *.graffle applied to it automatically

k) Copy and paste stencilsForiPad.graffle into a directory in Dropbox.

l) You can now open it in OmniGraffle in iPad

alt text

m) In OmniGraffle for iPad, select all for stencilsForiPad, and copy

n) Back out to Documents

o) On the top, select show stencils

alt text

p) Create a new stencil template. I selected Autosizing – Pixels

alt text

q) You should now be at an empty white screen. Hold onto the screen and select Paste

There you go! You should now be able to access the stencils. I named my Uxkit

alt text

I know there are a lot of steps. Hopefully this will help someone out there who encountered the same problem as me. Good luck!