As an iOS developer at Airbiquity, I contributed to both UI and API development for NissanConnect. I was main developer to make sure NissanConnect works with DA2.2 types head units, which are currently released in 2014 Nissan Altima and Rogue.

NissanConnect allows Nissan vehicles to use the iPhone as a proxy. Nissan vehicles can leverage the data plan of the user to access apps, while NissanConnect will render images and texts on the vehicle head unit.

Skills used: iOS 7 UI development, MFi, Audio Session, CoreLocation, UIWebView, GCD, NSURLConnection, Application sandbox, and much more

Airbiquity Connected Car:

Hungry Pig

Hungry pig is a simple 2D game where the objective is to try to get the pig to eat as much food as possible while avoiding the falling pooh. Different types of food are worth different points. If the pig eats a piece of pooh it will get a cross. The game ends when three crosses are obtained.

This was a final project for my EE579 – Wireless and Mobile Networks Design and Laboratory class. Prior to this final project, I had no experience in iOS development. Yet, given only one month time to finish this project, I felt like I learned so much. This is the course that got me officially hooked to iOS development. Special thanks to Scott Moeller for being such an awesome lecturer.